About us

Fornia BioSolutions Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company specializing in the development of superior quality microbial products for the agricultural, aquacultural, environmental and food processing markets. Our research and development laboratory is located in Hayward, California. The company has in-house 15L fermentation capacity and access to outsourcing demonstration-scale and commercial-scale fermentation facilities for technology scale-up and manufacturing of products developed by the R&D team.

The talented research and development team and industry-leading technologies are the solid foundation for our growing bioindustrial business. Our Scientists have developed advanced strain improvement, enzyme engineering, and high throughput screening technologies, which facilitate us to create optimal microbial strains for producing improved bioindustrial products. The research team designs and executes R&D projects with high success rate, in short cycle time, and at low operating cost.

With strong technology platform, effective project management and relevant scale-up capacity, Fornia BioSolutions offers high quality research service that helps customers to develop and improve a wide variety of industrially-fermented microbial products. We work with customers closely to make sure the research programs are driven by business goals.​

Fornia BioSolutions’ Research Services:

  • Research consultation related thereto in the field of agricultural and aquacultural products​​
  • Product research and development in the field of agricultural and aquaculture products
  • Microbial strain discovery and development projects
  • Enzyme engineering projects
  • Fermentation engineering and process development for use in the agricultural, environmental, and food industries

If you are interested in learning more about our research services, please call us at 510-264-0183 or email us at

 Fornia BioSolutions